Monday, May 2, 2011

Cutting the Mint Patty Soap

I just finished cutting the soap I made yesterday.  I have to say it turned out pretty nice.  It gelled nicely and the stripes did not bleed into each other at all.

This is the Mold I use with the top on and the cutting guide my husband made me.  I cut all my bars by hand with a knife. The Mint Patty soap is in that box.

Here it is with the lid off.  This is the top layer you didn't get to see yesterday.  It is much darker in color after gelling over night.  It has been 24 hours.

It just slides right out of the mold thanks to the handy dandy liner of freezer paper.

Peeling off the freezer paper is a bit touchy because the soap is still a bit soft.

Here is the whole block or log of soap.  The stripe is a bit wavy but it looks cool that way.

I sliced off the end first, giving me a small slice for sampling later after it cures.

Then I slice off one bar at a time using the lines on the cutting guide to measure one inch bars.

It takes a little time to cut all the bars but don't they look nice.  Now they are ready to put on the shelf to cure for at least a month so they are nice and mild and hard before they go for sale.  I think I will make vertical labels for these instead to the normal horizontal so you can see the stripes on the edges.

A month seems like forever when I can't wait to try a new creation.  Well I do have many other flavors curing so these can wait.  I need to make more wine soap now.  See ya!

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