Sunday, May 1, 2011

Made Mint Patty Soap Today

This soap is new.  I made a layer of mint cocoa followed by plain peppermint then another mint cocoa, like an Andes mint.  It turned out very nice I cant wait to cut it tomorrow.  Here are some pictures of the process:

Melting the Coconut oil over hot water

Mixing the lye with water and waiting for it to cool.

Mixing the oil and water/lye solution.  In the background the pre-weighed cocoa and peppermint essential oil for all the layers. This batch had cocoa powder and peppermint oil added at trace. Then it was poured into the mold. This soap is made in three separate one third sized batches which are poured in as they are done blending allowing the ones below to set up before you pour the next.

 First Layer

Second Layer

I forgot to take a picture of the third layer and now it is all wrapped up, but I will take a picture when I go to cut it tomorrow.

This batch of soap will not be ready to use for a month, but I can't wait.  It smells great and looks cool.  The chocolate color will get darker after it gels in the mold from the trapped heat.  That will also help the soap layers to really come together.  My hubby made me these soap molds.  I love them they make nice large bars of soap and the size is perfect for cutting to the gift box size as well.

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